How a Recruitment Agency Can Support Your HR Team

Your staff are essential to the success of your business and making sure you hire the right people is crucial. But in-house recruitment can be time consuming and put unnecessary strain on your HR team. Partnering with an external recruitment agency could take the pressure off your internal staff while still ensuring you hire the very best candidates for your vacancies.

When you use a reputable recruitment agency, they will work closely with your hiring managers to make sure they fully understand the requirements of your business and the job role, in order to offer the support and guidance you need. Your recruitment partner will manage as much or as little of the process as you need, allowing your internal staff to focus on other areas of the business.

A great recruitment partner will tailor their approach to ensure they deliver the service that works best for your business. But some of the duties that a recruitment agency can support you with are:

  • Writing the job specification and job advert
  • Advertising the role, including distribution to popular job search websites
  • Contacting skilled, experienced candidates from their database to invite them to apply
  • Screening CVs and applications
  • Completing any necessary initial checks
  • Conducting preliminary job interviews
  • Shortlisting candidates for final interviews and selection
  • Managing the offer process
  • Providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • Offering expert insight into recruitment trends in your sector or location
  • Helping you make informed decisions on the best ways to attract suitable candidates, based on their knowledge of the current candidate market

If you are recruiting for numerous positions or you’re looking for a candidate with specialist skills that your internal HR team may have less experience hiring, working with an external recruitment agency can save your team a significant amount of time and stress. Whether you’re simply looking for someone to screen high volumes of applications, to manage the whole hiring process on your behalf, or anywhere in between, XCL’s specialist teams in Huddersfield and Bristol can help.

XCL are experts at finding skilled, experienced candidates and filling vacancies for both permanent and temporary positions. Covering the automotive, construction, engineering, office & commercial and production sectors, your dedicated consultant will work tirelessly to help you find the best people for your roles.

If you have a vacancy you need to fill right now, or if you’d like to discuss your future recruitment needs, call XCL on 01484 819900 or email us on