How To Create Effective Job Adverts

Staff are the driving force behind any successful business. But in order to build a great workforce, you need to make sure that you are creating job ads that attract the most suitable candidates. 

While job adverts can come in many forms, there are some rules that should be followed to reach the best candidates.

Use a clear title

The first step to an effective job advertisement is ensuring that it has a clear and accurate title. Make sure that it is immediately clear what the job role is from the title. However, you might also want to think about what candidates will be looking for and consider using the title that people will be more likely to search on job sites.

Make it easy to read

It is also important that your job ad is straightforward and easy to read. While there may be sections that need a bit more detail, keep the ad as succinct as possible overall, with headings and bullet points where possible.

But while you want the contents of the ad to be clear, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to succumb to a long, uninspiring list of duties. Writing in a tone that represents your brand can be a great way to introduce your company culture and prevent you from posting a dull or generic job vacancy.

Avoid templates

To keep your job ads as engaging and accurate as possible, try to avoid using the same template every time. Instead, create a description and candidate specification that is tailored to the individual vacancy that you’re hiring for.


When it comes to the content of the job ad itself, it should start with a short paragraph that introduces candidates to the company and the role. Introduce the organisation, briefly explaining who you are and the sector you operate in, but then place the majority of the focus on the job so that candidates can quickly assess if the role would be right for them.


One of the most important aspects of the job ad is the responsibilities. Depending on the scope of the role, you may choose not to list every task. Communicating up to ten of the main tasks that the successful candidate will be expected to undertake will provide an accurate representation of the role and allow candidates to decide whether it will be right for them.

Where possible, tying in duties with business objectives, or demonstrating how they fit into the company structure overall, can be an effective way to attract the best candidates to apply.

Candidate specification

Arguably the most crucial part of the job advert is the candidate specification. Candidates will pay close attention to what is included in this section when deciding whether or not to apply, so it is important to get this right.

What skills, qualifications, work experience or attributes are you looking for in the ideal candidate? Where possible, make the distinction between which requirements are essential and which will be beneficial.

The level of detail used in the candidate specification may vary based on the seniority of the position, or how many applications you’re looking to receive. If you want to receive high volumes of applicants for a certain role, you may choose to be less specific in the requirements. However, to attract a lower number of applicants who match the role more closely, a stricter set of criteria should be used.

How a recruitment agency can help

When it comes to advertising a job, a specialist recruitment agency will often be best equipped to get your vacancies in front of the most suitable candidates.

Recruitment can take up a lot of your HR team’s resources and your hiring manager’s time, so engaging a recruitment agency will take a lot of the weight off. Your recruitment consultant will work with you to understand the job role and what exactly you’re looking for in order to write the job description on your behalf.

And because they will have a strong working knowledge of the current jobs market and what candidates are looking for, a reputable recruitment agency will have a better understanding of who the ideal candidate is, how to most effectively get your listing noticed on job search websites, and what is most likely to encourage applications.

For more information on how you could benefit by advertising your vacancies and hiring new staff through a recruitment agency, click here.

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