How To Retain Great Employees

Employee retention is key to the long term success of any business. Losing employees can be costly and cause disruption to your remaining workforce. So after putting in the time and resources to attract, hire and train great staff, you need to learn how to keep them onboard.

So here are our top tips for retaining your best employees:

Make expectations and objectives clear

Clarity on performance expectation is often cited as a significant factor in employees’ happiness at work. When your staff aren’t sure what you expect of them, or when expectations are constantly changing, this can create an unhealthy working environment.

To avoid this, make sure all members of staff have up to date job descriptions so they understand what their responsibilities are. Also be sure to regularly communicate both individual and team objectives and goals so each member of staff has a clear vision of what they are working towards at any given time.

Give regular feedback on performance

On top of making sure your staff know what you expect from them, be sure to give regular feedback on how they are performing - what have they done well? What do they need to work on, and how can they work on it?

Make sure that any ‘negative’ feedback is given in a constructive way, with a clear explanation of why you weren’t happy with their performance or work results, and provide an action plan for how they can improve moving forwards.

Recognise and reward good work

Be sure not to only give feedback when people need to improve, taking the time to recognise and reward strong performance is a simple but effective way to make your team feel valued.

Try to not be too generic when giving your feedback - be specific about what they’ve done well, or any great results they achieved through their efforts. Making sure you sound sincere when giving praise will make your staff feel appreciated.

Encourage personal development

Whether you choose formal training courses or designated solo learning time, offering opportunities for your team to learn new skills isn’t just great for developing the business, it can be an effective way to retain employees as well. However, alongside structured learning, you should also be sure to assign new work tasks that challenge your team wherever possible.

Listen to what your staff want to learn more about and incorporate this into their development plans to keep them interested and engaged in their work.

Get recruitment right

A large factor in the strength of your employee retention rate is whether you hired the right people in the first place. From the details given in the job ad to the candidate requirements and your interview technique, the steps you take to attract and shortlist applicants can determine whether you hire a long term employee or someone who will leave after a few months.

Determine the key competencies and skills required for the role before you advertise the vacancy and during interviews, look out for whether a candidate’s aspirations and attitudes fit in with those of the business. Making sure you have the right processes in place to maximise your chances of hiring people who are most suitable for both the position and your organisation will reduce staff turnover and create a more satisfied employee base.

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