Plastic Injection Moulder Job Profile

Description and Responsibilities 

As a Plastic Injection Moulder, you will be responsible for manufacturing plastic products and components. Some of the main duties of a Plastic Injection Moulder may be:

  • Operation of injection moulding machinery
  • Visual inspection of produced components for quality control and to identify any issues or defects
  • Tool changes
  • Carry out routine maintenance on injection moulding machines and auxiliary equipment
  • Contribute to continuous improvements and process optimisation
  • You may also be required to label and wrap products on pallets and transport pallets to holding areas using a pump truck or forklift

Typical Salary

The salary for a Plastic Injection Moulder can vary depending on the employer, your experience and where you’re based. You may expect to earn anywhere between £16,000 and £32,000 based on your skills, qualifications and experience.

Required Qualifications and Experience

To become a Plastic Injection Moulder, many organisations may require you to have achieved a Level 3 qualification in polymer injection moulding. Some of the other requirements for the role may include:

  • Minimum 1 year experience operating an injection moulding machine
  • Good working knowledge of Lean manufacturing 5S Process
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of Health and Safety Regulations
  • You may also be required to have qualifications and experience relevant to the specific sector your employer operates in. For example, you may be required to have achieved IATF / TS 16949 for a role in an automotive company

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